“She” Sheds

With the hustle from picking up kids, running to work, cooking dinner, and picking up the house, women need some time to themselves too. This is exactly why “she sheds” are sweeping the nation and women everywhere are turning ordinary sheds into a place to call their own. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top; it just has to make you feel happy. After dusting out your old shed, slapping some paint or whitewash on the walls, and decorating the inside with some cozy antiques your “she shed” will be well on its way to fabulous. If you could have your very own oasis in your backyard what would yours look like?

Customizing Your “She Shed”

Here is a great photo of just what your “she shed” may look like. This particular shed has large open sliding doors with a three pane window to let in optimal light. Also adding some glider chairs and an end table will allow for a great place to hang out with girlfriends. Splashing whitewash on the walls also will make it seem more “homey” and not like you’re hanging out in your backyard garden shed.

This photo was taken at our annual Indiana State Fair expo to really show off what one of our Amish built sheds can look like with some creative thought. Adding a loft most definitely has a dual purpose for this shed. It adds storage space for the time you are not using it as much and also acts as a reading nook for an hour getaway.

Again, this is another picture taken from the Indiana State Fair for customers to see what the “she sheds” are all about. This particular shed is packed full with awesome gardening tools and accessories. Whether you’re landscaping in the Spring or enjoying a peaceful afternoon with a great book, this little piece of heaven is sure to be your new favorite spot.

At Recreation Unlimited in Noblesville, we have a wide variety of sheds perfect for customizing. Contact us at (317) 773-3545 to learn more.
By: Ciera Clem, Recreation Unlimited Product Specialist

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