Diagrams of Basketball Courts

Basketball Court Diagrams

NBA & WNBA (Pro), International (FIBA), College (NCAA), High School and Junior High School courts vary on the overall layout and dimensions but the inner court markings for the “Foul Line” and the backboard dimensions and rim size remains the same.

Basketball Court Lines

Court Dimensions:

  • Professional NBA and College Basketball court is 94 feet (29 m) by 50 feet (15 m).
  • International Basketball the court  28 meters (92 ft) by 15 meters (49 ft).
  • High school, and Junior High court 84 feet (26 m) by 50 feet (15 m).

The Foul Line: For all Courts, The foul line distance is 15′ from the foul line to the front of the backboard and 18′ 10″ from the baseline.
The Key: Also called the free throw lane or “the paint” is 16 feet wide for NBA and FIBA, and 12ft wide for College, High school and Junior High play and Extends 15’from the backboard to the free throw line
Circles: There are three 6′ circles on a court, one in the center of the court and one on each end centered on the foul line.

3 Point Line or Arc: 

  • 19.75 ft (6.01 m): High School
  • 20.75 ft (6.32 m): NCAA
  • 21.65 ft (6.60 m) to 22.15 ft (6.75 m): WNBA and FIBA
  • 22 ft (6.71 m) to 23.75 ft (7.24 m): NBA

The Division Line: Line that marks the center of the court

Diagram for an NBA Full Basketball Court

NBA Regulation Court

Diagram for an International Full Basketball Court

International Basketball court

Diagram for a College Basketball Court

College Basketball Court diagram

Diagram for a High School Basketball Court

High School Basketball-Court-Diagrams

Diagram of a Basketball Half Court


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