Top 3 Myths About Trampolines

Has your child been pestering you saying they want a trampoline? Yet, all you can think of is whether or not you should give in and get one. And like most parents, you probably have some concerns about the safety of trampolines. There’s a lot of myths when it comes to trampolines, and we are here to shed a little light on them.

Myth #1: Trampolines are dangerous and unsafe

We’ve all heard the horror stories of broken bones and broken spirits at the hands of a trampoline. With exposed springs and nothing to catch your fall, accidents were bound to happen. But the truth is that trampolines today have come a long way since the traditional trampoline kids experienced years ago. Trampolines are now built with safety in mind by adding safety nets and even completely removing springs from the equation. Removing the springs alone eliminates about 90% of product-related trampoline injuries!

Another way to make your jumping experience safer is to lay some simple jumping guidelines or rules. First, don’t allow flipping by anyone who isn’t trained on how to properly jump and land. Trying to flip can cause a jumper to land on his or her head and neck which can lead to serious injuries (ouch!). Another safety measure is to only allow one jumper at a time, or at least encouraging jumpers to keep a safe distance from one another. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the kids jumping into or onto each other which could lead to injuries.

Myth #2: Kids will get bored with their trampoline

That couldn’t be further from the truth! There are so many activities you can do on a trampoline in addition just jumping. Part of the fun of a trampoline is discovering all the different ways you can use it. For example, you could have a front-row seat to a meteor shower by stargazing with blankets on top of your trampoline. Placing a white sheet over the edge of the net and a projector makes for a perfect outdoor movie night! Extra hot summer day? No worries, just place a sprinkler under the trampoline to have a little mini ‘waterpark’ in your backyard.

Blow up balloons to bounce with, take book for an afternoon of leisure reading, or even partake in an outdoor dance party. Why camp on the hard ground when you could set up a quaint little tent on your trampoline to spend the night reading stories or telling ghost stories?! The possibilities are endless with an imagination and a trampoline.

Myth #3: Trampolines are just for kids

Ask any adult trampoline owner and they will tell you that they love adding a little bounce to their life! Plus, there are many health benefits to add to the fun of jumping. You can use your trampoline as a great addition to your fitness routine. Ten minutes of jumping is equivalent to 30 minutes of running. And you won’t have the strain on your joints like running can cause. Therefore, trampolines can make a great tool for weight loss that still feels fun.

Jumping can also let adults jump their daily stresses away and help rid the body of toxins. Plus, jumping can help increase your balance and stability. And did you know that each landing from a jump is double the force of gravity, which develops muscle strength over time and prevents bone diseases such as osteoporosis?! As you can tell, trampolines can be a fun AND beneficial outdoor activity that the whole family will enjoy for years to come, no matter the age!

These are just some of the reasons why Recreation Unlimited is proud to offer Springfree™ trampolines in the Indianapolis area. Our commitment to quality and safety extends throughout all of our product lines, and trampolines are no exception. Springfree trampolines provide a completely enclosed, springless jumping experience and are built with safety in mind. In fact, Springfree is the only trampoline on the market to pass all safety tests. Questions? Give us a call at (317) 773-3545. Or, better yet, come test them out yourself at our Noblesville showroom!

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