Choosing a Customized Playhouse

A kid’s playhouse is an exciting purchase for everyone in the family. Every playhouse is a custom order, and the selection of the style, color, and size is a simple, fun process for the family. At Recreation Unlimited, our sheds are built locally in Indiana by the Amish. The quality craftsmanship used is reflected in the construction of the playhouses.

  • All-plywood Construction
  • 16” on Center Spacing — Floors, Walls, & Rafters
  • Treated 4”X4” Ground Runners and 2”X4” Floor Joists
  • ⅝” Sturdy Floor™ Plywood Flooring
  • ½” DuraTemp™ Plywood Siding

3 Steps to Choosing a Customized Playhouse

Step 1 – Location & Size

It is important to evaluate the area available to place the playhouse. Factors to consider when sizing up your site:

  • A level site
  • You want an open area, clear of trees or low branches
  • A good drainage area
  • A convenient access for delivery, we likely need to be able to back a flatbed truck into the space to drop off the playhouse. If this is not possible, there are build on site options available for an additional charge.

After considering all the above factors, the size can then be determined. The range of sizes can be as small as a 8’X6’, to as large as 12’X24’ . Additionally, site preparation and building permits are important in preparing for your playhouse delivery.

Step 2 – Style

There are 3 styles available for the playhouses and additional options available.

Victorian Cottage

Children's Playhouse

This cottage has a big front porch, front-facing windows, and a loft area inside.

Standard Features:

  • 3 18” x 23” Windows with Shutters & Flower Boxes
  • Small Front Door
  • Full Size 30” in End
  • 4’ Porch with Railings
  • Interior Loft
  • Up to 3 Paint Colors

Additional Options Available:

  • 10” Overhangs
  • Child’s Porch Swing

Victorian Playhouse

Kid's Playhouse
This playhouse comes with spacious room inside and an inviting exterior.

Standard Features:

  • 2 18” x 23” Windows with Shutters & Flower Boxes
  • Small Front Door
  • Full Size 30” Door in End

Additional Options Available:

  • Lofts with railing and ladder
  • Porch

EK Cabins

Children's Playhouses
This cabin playhouse is spacious with a loft up top and front-facing porch. Perfect for country and wooded area settings.

Standard Features:

  • 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” Siding
  • Stain
  • 4’ Deep Front Porch
  • Full Size 30” Door in Back with 4” x 4” Posts and 2” x 2” Deck Railing

Additional Options Available:

  • Log Porch Post and Railing
  • 2 18” x 23” Windows

Step 3 – Colors

The final decision to make is selecting the colors for the siding and shingles. Our playhouses come in a variety of colors to pick from, 20+ options for siding and 9 shingle colors are additionally available.

Once all the decisions have been made, the shed is ready to be ordered. All custom orders have a quick turn around time of between 2 and 4 weeks, just enough time to complete any site area preparation before the delivery. Visit our Noblesville showroom or call us today at (317) 773-3545 to get started!

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