How Important is Music in Your Hot Tub?

When you’re in the process of selecting your perfect hot tub, one of the decisions you’ll get to make is whether or not to have a Bluetooth wireless music system installed. This decision needs to be made at the time of purchase because most hot tub manufacturers require that the music system be installed when the order is placed (this is because the holes will need to be cut into the shell for speakers). To help you decide if a music system is an important feature for your new hot tub, take a minute to think about how often you listen to music. When do you listen to music and why? Even if you don’t listen to music all the time, consider if you’d like to have the option.

Enhance Your Hot Tub with a Bluetooth Music System

Music is a part of our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. We hear it in our cars, as we walk through the department store, and sometimes just in our heads (as that one song gets stuck on repeat!). Music can pump you up during sporting events, put you in the mood to shop during the holidays, and calm your nerves after a stressful day.

From a romantic evening to a lively party and everything in between, music is incredibly effective at creating a desired atmosphere. When played while enjoying your hot tub, music can enhance the overall experience and enjoyment. And it’s the perfect entertainment because no matter what you may be experiencing, there’s always a song to fit the mood. Getting lost in a song while enjoying the feel of your hot tub will help wash away all your stress and leave you relaxed.

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Free Bluetooth Music System

For a limited time, from June 10-20, 2016, you’ll get a FREE Bluetooth music system with purchase of a new Paradise spa! Or, when you purchase a Cantabria from Caldera’s line of beautiful new 2016 Utopia line, you’ll receive a $400 rebate. Purchase a new Geneva, Niagara, or Tahitian, and receive a $250 instant rebate. And the best part is, the Utopia line already has a Bluetooth music system installed!

Most people will opt to install music into their hot tub, simply because even if you don’t always turn it on while using your hot tub, it’s a nice option to have. And if choose not to include a music system in your hot tub, it cannot be added at a later date, which is important to keep in mind as well. If you’re ready to learn more about finding your perfect hot tub, call Recreation Unlimited at (317) 773-3545 or visit our Noblesville showroom. We look forward to serving you!

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