Why Not to Buy an Inflatable Hot Tub

If you’re in the market for a hot tub, you likely know that there are a wide variety of options available, including inflatable hot tubs. However, flimsy construction and a lack-luster appearance far outweigh the benefits of cheap installation. Here are just a few important points to think about when considering the purchase of an inflatable hot tub.

Inflatable Hot Tub

According to the editors of Hot Tub Spa Ratings – “as a shell material, vinyl is easy to damage, especially if the chemical balance of the water remains out of ideal range for very long”. Poor construction and durability are the most common complaints about inflatable hot tubs. They typically only come with a one year warranty which does not cover shipping cost if you need to ship it back.

Hot Tubs that are Portable, but not Relaxing

While an inflatable hot tub is portable and relatively easy to set up, it does not come up to temperature very quickly, especially in the colder months. You also lose heat quickly during use, as inflatable tubs are incapable of holding heat as sufficiently as their standard counterparts. The air blower is very noisy as well. If you’ve ever had to listen to kids inflatable bounce house, you’ll quickly realize just how “un-relaxing” the constant noise can be.

The aesthetic appeal of an inflatable hot tub is also lacking (think backyard kiddie pool), and they do not have seats or a great deal of space for feet. You sit directly on the bottom or the ground. It is not easy to get back up or comfortable when seated. It kind of looks like a giant balloon.

Inflatable Hot Tubs are not Ideal for Outdoor Use

If you are thinking about using this hot tub outdoors, you’ll quickly be disappointed. None of the inflatable tubs are designed to be used in weather below 40 degrees Fahrenheit . Even in a range of 40-65 degrees you will be losing heat quickly because the heater cannot run while you are actually in the tub. They have very poor insulation, and you would have to take it down and put it away in the fall and winter months, which is the best time to be in a hot tub.

As is true with most everything, you get what you paid for you get what you pay for in an inflatable hot tub. If you want a large balloon that holds hot water, then this may work for you. But keep in mind that some of the inflatable hot tubs have less than average materials and manufacturing, and the shipping cost to return such a large product can be very high. Read reviews and be careful to check your sources before purchasing an inflatable hot tub.

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Written By Jackie Riemann, Hot Tub Specialist at Recreation Unlimited

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