Steps for Choosing the Perfect Shed

Outdoor Sheds

Selecting Your Perfect Shed

Sheds are an awesome addition for the backyard when you have too much clutter in the garage and house, or just need some extra space. But before you begin your outdoor shed project, here are some items you should consider:

Determine the Space Needed

Measure all the large items that you will need to fit in the shed. Measuring will make sure that there is enough space in your storage shed. Keep in mind also, that you will probably accumulate more items over the years.

Check Your Bylaws

Check the county and HOA laws and guidelines regarding outdoor structures. We can do everything in our power (ie. drawings, sketches, or a site visit) to help with the approval process, but it is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure a shed is permitted on the property.

Choosing the right materials

  • Wood- This is generally the best looking for sheds because it can be made to look like a smaller version of your home.
  • Vinyl- Probably the most durable you can use and also very easy to maintain.
  • Metal- Looks great but also can rot and leak a little easier than the others.

Consider Fun Extras

Installing extra windows on the side of the building or in the doors can bring in a lot of natural light for working in the shed. Adding shelves, workbenches, pegboards, and lofts can add extra space for storing tools and other miscellaneous items.
Extras for Outdoor Sheds

These are just some tricks and tips to consider when first doing research for a new building. Looking at the whole picture and trying to consider the best fit for you is the fun in it all. Make a wish list of all the items that you want and narrow it down from there. And if you have questions, the friendly team at Recreation Unlimited is always glad to help. Contact us at (317) 773-3545. Happy shopping!

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