2by2 ADA Half Ramp

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  • ADA Half Ramp to ensure accessibility
  • Available for 8″ or 12″ border timbers
  • Choice of galvanized steel or versa spikes
  • Heavy-duty maintenance-free construction
  • IPEMA certified
  • ADA and Wheelchair accessible
  • Will not harbor ticks, termites, and other insects
  • Splinter-free and maintenance-free
  • 5-year limited warranty

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Creating an accessible play area is important for making sure sure everyone can participate and be included during play time. ADA ramps make it easy for wheelchairs to enter and exit the playground. This single-sided ramp provides access to the play area in one direction. It can also be added to existing play areas, as it is designed to fit with other “over-under” designed timbers on the market, making it universal with other manufactured borders. If you need access in both directions, we also offer an ADA Full Ramp.

Each half ramp includes a total of 5 steel spikes (2 long spikes and 3 ramp spikes) to anchor it securely to the ground, and two 4-inch or 6-inch end caps for a safe, finished appearance. These ADA half ramps are ideal for high traffic areas because of their heavy duty, maintenance free construction. They are also IPEMA certified, won’t harbor termites or other insects, and include a 5-year limited warranty. Made from heavy duty rubber, this lined ramp is designed to last season after season.

Galvanized Steel Spikes vs. Versa Spikes
The ADA Full Ramp offers two spike options: the traditional galvanized steel spikes or versa spikes. The versa spikes are made from impact-resistant nylon 66 polymer material that has been formulated to withstand hammer strikes.

Versa spikes are significantly lighter weight than their steel counterparts. They weigh only about 1/8th as much as steel spikes. This means they cost less to manufacture and ship, so we are able to pass these savings on to you. Versa spikes are made in the USA and are readily available for fast shipping.

Which type of spike is suitable for your installation will depend largely on the composition of the ground where it is to be installed. Versa spike tip: If the ground is too hard, or if you’re having difficulty driving the versa spike into a hard area, use a 5/8” or 3/4” drill bit to create up to a 12” deep “pilot hole” before driving in the spikes. The ground closest to the surface is often the hardest.

ADA Half Ramp Spec Sheet

ADA Half Ramp for 8″ Border Timbers
Dimensions: 60″L X 43″W
Includes: 5 x spikes & 2 x end caps, necessary hardware

ADA Half Ramp for 8″ Timbers Installation Instructions

ADA Half Ramp for 12″ Border Timbers
Dimensions: 60″L X 43″W
Includes: 5 x spikes & 2 x end caps, necessary hardware

ADA Half Ramp for 12″ Timbers Installation Instructions



2by2 Industries


60"L X 43"W


Provides ADA accessibility, heavy-duty, maintenance-free construction, IPEMA certified


5-Year Limited Warranty

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