Enhance Your Backyard & Add Value with a Pergola or Pavilion

Importance of a Good Backyard

A good backyard is becoming the new heart of the home! This is because of the functionality of a backyard can create by establishing an inviting space to spend quality time bonding and reconnecting. Also, by really contributing to the amount of time you spend outdoors with your family and friends. Your backyard environment can set the stage for important conversations, a place to play games, to host dinners, to relax together and escape, relieve stress, watch your children laugh and play, and much more. Enhancing your backyard with a structure is a way to extend your homes warmth and hospitality all the way to the fresh air out in your own backyard. Outdoor structures like a pergola or pavilion help give a personality and character to your home and backyard. Just a simple structure like a pergola or pavilion can truly transform and turn your backyard into an outdoor living space that you love for many years to come.

Styles of Pergola and Pavilions


A pergola is an outdoor structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. It’s a striking structure that adds both visual appeal and functionality to backyards. You can transform your outdoor area and create a living space for entertaining friends and family or find an outdoor escape to relax and unwind after a long day. No matter what you use it for, you’re sure to love owning a pergola! Below are the customizable styles of a pergola we offer that you can add to your backyard:

Traditional Pergolas: The Traditional is our most affordable pergola for sale and is available in both wood and vinyl in many standard sizes and colors. We can also customize one of these pergolas to fit your specific measurements.

Artisan Pergolas: Artisan outdoor pergolas offer heavier construction and a fuller look. They feature full-size lumber for the headers, joists, and purlins. Choose cedar, hemlock or a vinyl top to go over the standard vinyl posts.

Arched Pergolas: The Arched pergolas come with curved joists to create an elegant look and feel. Choose from 2 different arched pergola designs, hearthside or arcadian. Available in both wood and vinyl showcasing decorative joist ends.

Kingston Pergolas: Our biggest, beefiest pergola yet, the all-cedar Kingston pergola provides maximum shade, along with rock-solid construction for a centerpiece that steals the show every time! Available in sizes starting at 10×10, this pergola can be built to a massive 18×22 with only four posts.


A pavilion is a roofed structure with completely open sides and no built-in floor. Pavilions add elegance to any backyard by creating a shaded and inviting atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a place to entertain, an outside kitchen, a shaded area by the pool to take a break from the sun, or just a special place for you to get away, a pavilion is a great option for enjoying life outdoors. Below are four different types of pavilions that we offer:

Traditional Pavilions:  Traditional backyard pavilions are available in both wood and vinyl. Built with 6″x6″ posts, arched headers, post trim, and skirts, and mahogany 1” x 6″ tongue and groove boards on the ceiling.

Alpine Pavilions: The Alpine Pavilion offers old-world craftsmanship & construction. Made from western red cedar with sturdy 8″ x 8″ posts and half moon braces. The Alpine pavilion is available with asphalt or metal roof.

Hamilton Pavilions: The Hampton Pavilion is unique with 10″ round columns for posts, arched headers trimmed with detailed moldings, high pitched roof, and beautiful mahogany 1” x 6″ tongue and groove boards on the ceiling.

Grand Estate Pavilions: The Grand Estate Pavilion is perfect for big backyards, parks, or any recreation facility. With free spans as long as 24′ without center posts, it’s big enough to host large gatherings. Plus, there’s plenty of room for an outdoor kitchen, picnic tables, or fireplace.

Outdoor Structures Add to Your Home’s Value

Whether you love to entertain family and friends or just enjoy spending time outside, these outdoor structures can be a game changer to any backyard. Pergolas and pavilions are an extension of your home and add a ton of value to your home. They allow you to create any kind of outdoor “room” or space you can dream up and add some privacy. While a pergola or pavilion won’t actually count towards added square footage to your home, it sure will feel like it does! Not to mention, these outdoor structures can be very pleasing to the eye and add an architectural flair to any backyard. Another value these outdoor structures add is much need shade and protection from uncooperative weather and the sun. While pergolas do provide some protection from sunlight, the slats in their open-roof won’t block the sun completely, nor will it provide a water-proof area if it were to rain. However, pavilions do provide full protection from both!

Regardless of what type of outdoor structure you choose, you can rest assured knowing that not only will it enhance your living space and add value, but will encourage you and your family to enjoy the outdoors more often! To learn more about the outdoor structures available at Recreation Unlimited, give us a call at (317) 773-3545 or visit our Noblesville showroom. You can also use our pergola builder and pavilion builder to design your own structure and get a custom quote. We look forward to helping you make your dream backyard a reality!

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